Motocycle Seats

Custom Motorcycle Seats

Our Custom Seat Service can reupholster, re-design, and add or remove padding. Reupholstering your seat is one of the easiest ways to make you motocycle unique. We carry one of the largest vinyl and leather collections on the East Coast. To ensure proper color match also send the paint code used on bike or paint sample. High-resolution pictures can also aid in proper color matching.


We now offer a custom embroidery service. Let us take your design, logo, or picture and digitize it, then apply it to your seat. We also have an artist on staff to help make your idea reality.

Seat Foam Alterations

Our professionals staff can aid in all forms of seat alterations. Let us alter seat nose shape, raise or lower front or rear platforms, move rise, chnage platform, or widen seat base.

Gel Pad & Memory Foam Inserts

Gel Pads and Foam inserts are a great way to increase ride comfort. Standard cycle seats are built using the same foam padding found in automobile seating. This crates a hard ride on a motorcycle due to the lack of seat springs. To increase ride comfort we now offer both Gel Pad and Memory Foam inserts. These two inserts reduceseat vibration from motor and road imperfections. The reduction of G-forces and shock impact will make every motocycle ride much more enjoyable. Standard insertion points are as follows.